Smart Hose Timer Data Objects

The Rachio Smart Hose Timer API supports interaction with:

  • BaseStations: Rachio Smart Hose Timer wifi hubs.
  • Valves: Rachio Smart Hose Timers
  • Programs: Schedules created for a Smart Hose Timer are called Programs

A typical development flow consists of:

  • Obtain your user ID (which is equivalent to the Controller API Person ID)
  • ListBaseStations for that user
  • ListValves for a given base station
  • Start and stop individual valves with StartWatering and StopWatering
  • List all historical / upcoming watering events for valves on a base station using Summary Service GetValveDayViews
  • Create and remove skips for upcoming watering events

NOTE: We are actively developing new features for our Smart Hose Timers. These fields will become available through our public API over time and as a result, there may be additional JSON response properties that are not yet documented. Be sure to ignore unknown response property names in your integrations when deserializing.

Async Skips and Valve behavior

Valves are asynchronous devices. As a result, when skips are created, modified, or deleted, or if the default runtime is changed, it takes time for the valve to download the updated calendar information.

We provide the 'ValveState' on the Valve model which returns a helper field matches which is true only when the Valve is currently up to date with all changes. If this field is false, then the Valve has not downloaded the necessary information yet.